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Pictures of children

Oh God are you really there?
Are orphans part of your creation?
Are vulnerable children in your mathematics?
God, some of these questions can only be answered by you.

God why did it have to be us?
Are we the ones who sinned or our parents?
Why did you have to take away our parents?
Are orphans and vulnerable children part of your creation?

God bless Riruta United Methodist Church. Our church
A reconciling church. A church of inclusiveness
A church with Open hearts, Open doors, Open minds.
It came to our rescue. We know you listen to our cry daily

Children of Africa Hope Mission
Has become our home, we the orphans are happy
And proud to be part of this family. The home that has
Wiped away our tears. Has given hope to the hopeless.

Children of Africa Hope Mission, A center that cares for
The poorest of us. It has listened to our plight.
It has given us education, it has given us food.
It has given us good morals.
Children of Africa Hope Mission, has become our mother and father
It has ignited our dead spirit.
Children of Africa Hope Mission has given us hope.
God bless always our mission. Bless the director, the teachers, the pupils,
Bless the volunteers.  Bless the pastors. Bless the supporters. Bless all who care about this Mission.

Written on behalf of the Children of Africa Hope Mission-Riruta and all children in need. God bless Riruta Hope Community Church.

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